Wall Cabinets that make it easy to find what you need.  Cabinets mount on French Cleats and feature see-through doors, adjustable shelves, and more.  Make these cabinets any size you like by using the Wall Cabinet Configurator tool.  Download it for free!

Cabinet Configurator
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Wall Cabinet designed for the woodworking shop, craft shop, office, garage, basement, or even the kitchen. Fully configurable! Make it any depth, width, or height by following a couple of easy formulas and conversions.

Wall Cabinet Side Detail
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Part 2 of the Shop Wall Cabinet project --- designed for adaptability, ease of construction, strength, good looks, and maximization of space. These cabinets will help in your implementation of 5S! In part 2 the notches, rabbets, and grooves are made and the steps explain how to do this quickly and accurately.

Part 3 --- Before the glue-up we make shelf pin holes using a new jig and a router with a downcut spiral bit --- nice clean holes! Then the glue-up! Also in this video the face frames get built using the Festool Domino system for joinery. The face frames go together quickly and easily.

Shop Wall Cabinets... a 5S-Inspired Design Part 4 --- A few coats of shellac on the inside of the cabinet make any glue squeeze-out easy to remove. Attach the face frames without a lot of fuss or elaborate set-up. Add decorative side panels to the cabinets and we are almost ready to make the doors.

Shop Wall Cabinets... a 5S-Inspired Design Part 5 --- Cope and stick doors with clear acrylic panels. How to select the best wood for the rails and stiles and match the color and grain for the most pleasing appearance. How to set up the router table for the cope & stick bit set.

Shop Wall Cabinets... a 5S-Inspired Design Part 6 --- Conclusion. Mount the doors, make shelves, and apply the finish. Use a Hettich boring jig to drill cup holes and pilot holes for the Blum hinges. Easy alignment and mounting method for face frame portion of hinge.