Uniquely adapted to the woodworking shop, simple 5S principles will make your shop seem larger, help you save money and time, and help you work in a cleaner and safer environment.

You can have more space and time in your woodworking shop, and save money, too! All you need to do is implement some key 5S/Lean manufacturing principles, and this class makes it easy.  Popular Woodworking runs this class periodically, so keep an eye out for the next enrollment period.

About Popular Woodworking University

Popular Woodworking University offers on-line classes that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.  Classes are broken into multiple segments and can be taken anytime and anywhere you like.  For more information, click on the logo below:

Shop Tour of the Down To Earth Woodworking Shop. Start this informative tour and learn key lessons about using 5S to be more productive, make more space, and have more fun!

Hundreds of woodworkers have adopted 5S in their woodshops.  Read the article that started it all by clicking here:

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Shop Tour Part 2... In this second half of the shop tour you will get a good look at the work flow and arrangement of the Down To Earth Woodworking shop. Space is at a premium, so all equipment and tools are arranged according to the principles of 5S.

Other classes by the Down To Earth Woodworker:

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