Mobile Raised Container Planter


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Mobile Raised Container Planter sketch 1
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In just four video segments, you can build a mobile raised container planter that will grow enough vegetables for two to four people and will keep your veggies clean, critter-free, and well cared for.

Mobile Raised Container Planter PVC Cover

A photo of the PVC cover for the Mobile Raised Container Planter, with dimensions for all the parts.

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Mobile Raised Container Planter sketch 2
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If you build the CPVC canopy, these are the perfect clips to use to attach it to the planter. Get them at Amazon by clicking on the image below. You will need two packs.


These are the screws I used to anchor the legs into the dados… you will need 12 of them, so one box will do. You can get these at The Home Depot.