Woodworking & Coffee Drinking... they just kind of go together...


What I'm Drinking Now...

Aillio Bullet Roaster Graph - Burundi

Burundi Kayanza Yagikawa Station is sweet, has crisp acidity, is very clean, and is a re-markably drinkable cup at City+. Excellent for pour-over. Green beans are from Sweet Maria’s and when you roast this coffee, it will be a wonderful gift.

It takes less time to make an excellent cup of coffee than a crappy cup
— Steve

Making a perfect pour-over brew requires only three things:


For even greater enjoyment and control, consider adding the following:

The Bonita kettle heats your water to the temperature you select and holds it at that temperature. The small gooseneck spout allows you to pour water precisely!

The Epare double wall cups keep your coffee warm… and they look very cool, too!

Weigh your coffee precisely with the Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale, then put the scale underneath the Hario V60 Drip Station and weigh the water you add. Preciseness allows you to experiment and compare.

Brewing Coffee...

Pour-Over Coffee made in the Z-Dripper stand, designed and built in the Down To Earth Woodworking Shop. Okay, for all my woodworking and home improvement friends, this is not strictly a "woodworking" video... but it does cover my other passion, which is coffee.

Roasting Coffee

Beans roasting in my Aillio Bullet roaster

Beans roasting in my Aillio Bullet roaster