How To Support The Down To Earth Woodworker

As a lifelong hobbyist woodworker, my goals are to get more people interested in becoming woodworkers, to provide tips and hints to fellow woodworkers, and generally just be a friendly, caring person. But there ARE costs involved in doing this.

Camera equipment, batteries (by the gazillions), web hosting charges… it all adds up. So, how can you support my activities? Well, it doesn’t cost you a thing, but you can definitely help.

Here’s how…

#1. See that logo over on the right hand side of the page? When you click on that it will take you to Amazon’s site, and if you buy anything there, I will get a small commission. You don’t pay any more for what you were going to buy, but I make a few cents. That’s a pretty easy way to support the Down To Earth Woodworker, right?

Steve with coffee.jpg

#2. If you watch my videos on YouTube, you will see that there are advertisements that play at the beginning of each video. They only last a few seconds. If you frantically hit “skip ad” as soon as you get the chance, I make nothing on those ads. If you let the ad play through, though, I make a couple of pennies. That few extra seconds on your part adds up for me. And, by the way, if the ad happens to be something that interests you, and you wind up clicking on the ad, I might make even more pennies… But that’s entirely up to you.

#3. Throughout this web site you will see various products needed to build certain projects, tool reviews, and more. In some instances, I have provided information where you can buy the stuff shown. If you click on a link for a product, and ultimately buy that product, I make a small commission. It doesn’t cost you any extra, by the way.