For The Birds - An Elegant Bird Feeder

Elegant and easy-to-build Cedar Bird Feeder

Elegant and easy-to-build Cedar Bird Feeder

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Elegant bird feeder made from scrap... or buy a couple of 1 X 4 X 8' boards if you want... a few supplies from the big box store and you are ready to go. I spent less than $10 and have since seen bird feeders this size for sale at stores for $80 or more!

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Bird Feeder Ends/Roof Support Template

Download and print to produce a template for the ends/roof support of the bird feeder.

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In just two video segments, you can build a beautiful bird feeder that will be a visual centerpiece in your garden or outdoor seating area.


Tools, Supplies, Etc. (Sources)

You can find 0.080” acrylic sheet at some big box stores, but this larger sheet from Amazon is a good value if you want to build more than one bird feeder. Click on the image below to buy it.