Adjustable Configurable Clamp Rack hangs on French Cleats, can be configured any way you need, and is easy to build.

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Part 1 --- Clamp rack saves space - keeps clamps organized and easy to access - and can be reconfigured when your clamp collection grows or changes... fully "5S Woodworking Shop Compliant." Made of scrap 3/4" plywood, this project demonstrates methods to drill holes accurately and repeatedly and illustrates how to set up numerous repeat operations for the band saw.

Part 2 --- Pipe Clamp / Bar Clamp Rack can be reconfigured and adjusted to hold various sizes of clamps. Saves space and time in the shop, because each size of clamp is visible and easily accessible... in other words, this clamp rack is "5S Compliant" in the woodworking shop.

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Clamp Rack Vertical Standard Detail
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Clamp Rack Support Arm Measured Drawing
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