The space under the extension wing on your tables may be wasted space!  This cabinet provides additional storage and also functions as an "infeed" table and an "outfeed" table simply by adjusting the height of the top.  This is a relatively simple cabinet to build, but measurements must be spot-on and assembly must be done very carefully.

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Underneath your table saw extension table could be wasted space... so why not build a storage cabinet to fit? But just a storage cabinet might not be enough... how about a multi-use cabinet that can also be used as an infeed and outfeed table?

Part 4

Part 7

Part 2


Part 5

Part 8 - The Project is finished!

Part 3


Part 6

Download the drawings for free!

Leg Assembly Top View

An overhead view of the top of one leg… this explains a lot!

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Leg Labeling Conventions

This is how you want to label the various parts of the legs to ease assembly.

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Under-The-Tablesaw Cabinet Hardware List

A list of the hardware used to build the Under-The-Tablesaw Infeed & Outfeed Table

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Scale Drawing of Metal Notch Cover Plate

Take this drawing to any metal shop and they should be able to make these for you!

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Just For Fun... some of my original design sketches

Some pretty “sad” drawings I made when noodling out the design of the Under The Tablesaw Storage, Infeed, and Outfeed Cabinet

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